Another 48 hours of Twitter

April 23, 2009

After the second period of using Twitter, I have a slightly different attitude towards it than first time.

I was introduced to Twitter through my PR class and have only used it when I was required to do assignments that integrated Twitter. This means that I did not voluntarily chose to create a profile or use time to get confident with Twitter. I think the reason for my slightly unenthusiastic attitude and poor experience with Twitter is primarily due to the circumstances I was introduced to it. I have experiences that the majority of social media including Twitter requires a great amount of attention and interest before you actually see the benefits of it and get confident with it. Since I was required to join Twitter as a part of my PR class and did not do it by interest, I don’t think I have benefitted the most of it.

In the first period of using Twitter, I considered it to be a useful tool for business networking. However, I have changed my opinion, especially after creating a profile in PROpenMic – I think Twitter is a forum of many different people and I find it difficult to navigate between the useful information and the information that if very useless. Most of all, I think the links etc. that people post works as an inspiration to check thing out – and aging – I think you need to be interested in using time and energy to surf in Twitter. On the other hand, if you are looking for something specific it is quite a good idea to ask questions in Twitter, because you receive replies very quickly. In contrary to PROpenMic, I still think Twitter is more superficial and less serious in a business context. I also think PROpenMic is more appropriate if you want to widen you business network.

I have been following three PR practitioners that I found on PROpenMic. These are: Timhoang- , Mary Wade – , megasoto – I think all PR practitioners posted some interesting links, but defiantly also posted some tweets that were less useful. However, they have some interesting profiles on PROpenMic that describes them in a very favorable way.


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