Top 10 tips on job research

March 3, 2009

Looking for a job

Whether it is your first time searching for a job or you are an experienced job searcher, you have to pay attention to the work that follows with getting of changing jobs.

All ready very early in the process, it is important too keep eyes and ears open. There are constantly published new job advertisements and it is of vital importance to be at the right place at the rigth time to make sure you do not miss a good job oppotunity.

The Internet is the most obvious place to start your job research. There are many homepages that provide useful information both on where to get information about available jobs, how to make a resume and how to prepare for a job interviews. This is one example of a homepage with a wide range of useful information about job searching

Another place to find job advertisements is in newspapers, trade journals, job postings

Last but not least you should take advantages of your network.


The goal of your resume is to be chosen for an interview. The resume should include following points:
• Contact information
• Career objectives
• Education
• Experiences
• Awards
• References

Job interview

The job interview is your last chance to make the employer want you. Therefore it is important to be well prepared when you come to the interview. The following points are ways to prepare yourself:
• Research the company
• Find out what kind of interview it will be; 2 persons or panel interview
• Be aware of behavioral interviews( what have you done in stead of what would you do)
• Find out if the interview will be over phone or webcam
• Be aware of appearance, hand shake and body language
• Prepare some possible questions and think of how to handle the situation if anything goes wrong.
• Remember to follow up with a thank you mail


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