2 Eras From Chapter 2

February 4, 2009

Early Beginnings   

·         Public relations played a role in the American independence. The Boston Tea Party, which PRWeek called “..the greatest and best-known publicity stunt off all time..”

·         “Spreading Christianity through the known world in the first century A.D. as one og the great public relations accomplished of history” by Todd Hunt & James Grunig.

·         An early example of promotion in the New World was Sir Walter Raeigh’s attempts to convince settlers to move to Virginia.


The Age of Pioneers

·         Some of the important relations pioneers are:

·         Samuel Insull – Created a monthly customer magazine with a constant stream of news releases. He also used films for public relations purposes.

·         Henry Ford – Was among the first to position the idea that credit and publicity always go to those who do something first and the second idea was to be accessible to the press.

·         Theodore Roosevelt – Was the first president to make extensive use of news conference and press interviews to drum up public support when Congress was often critical of nonsupportive.

·         Ivy Lee – The first public relations counselor.

·         George Creel – Created the Creel Committee.

·         Edward L. Bernays – Is called the “father of public relations”


The most interesting thing in chapter two was to read about the Four Classic Models of Public Relations.

·         The Press Agentry/Publicity

·         Public Information

·         Two-way Asymmetric

·         Two-way Symmetric


The most surprising thing in chapter two was that public relations has transformed from being a male-dominated field to being dominated by women (70%).


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