My experience with Twitter

February 1, 2009

During my PR class at Georgia Southern University, I have had the great opportunity of being introduced to the online chat forum, Twitter.
I have been using Twitter for a week now, and I have been exposed to its good and less flattering sides.
First of all, Twitter has opened up my eyes to a new and interesting online world that I did not know existed. I know of Facebook and messenger but I have realized that there are more communication forums than I had ever thought and they are surprisingly popular.

My experience with Twitter is ambivalent. I think it is a very useful and easy tool for communicating in short terms with people from all over the world. However, I would never use it to follow or get in touch with strangers just to be friends with them. It seems too superficial and nosy, and I prefer making friends “in real life” where you have other than the use of an online media in common.
On the other hand, I think Twitter is very appropriate in a business and educational matter. It is favorable in terms of exchanging knowledge by sending links and directions and especially useful to establish a broad business network consisting of people with individual expertise.

Our society is becoming a place where the old-fashioned and important interaction face to face between people is decreasing. I think this is alarming and I prefer not to support the tendency. This is one of the main reasons why I do not favour Twitter.


One Response to “My experience with Twitter”

  1. Thanks for your thoughts, Michi. I often prefer face-to-face too.

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